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Nutritional Cooking

Become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.


Hi, I am Stephie, a certified naturopathic nutritional therapist, specialising in healing and health building diets for a wide range of health conditions, gut restoration, and plant based diets for both adults and children.

I have seen the benefits of proper nutrition and naturopathic medicine on my clients, as well as myself. I strongly believe in empowering people to take control of their own health and happiness.


I provide a holistic approach to your nutritional needs and well-being


“Stephie is a hands on nutritionist, that takes huge interest in any health situation. During my sessions with her, I always feel confident and open to discuss anything that concerns my health and of those around me. Her advice has worked wonders on me and my family - we follow a healthy routine and there is no going back to how it was before! Her reports are well explained and easy to understand - she goes way beyond my expectations. I can’t recommend Stephie enough for her genuine service..”

- Liz, Holistic programme

“I highly recommend Stephie to anyone who needs a nutrition consultant. She is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares about her clients for whom she dedicates a lot of time and effort. Thank you so much Stephie, for being such a caring and wonderful person!"

- Marya,
Holistic Programme

“Following my blood tests last year, some results where quite off and a little concerning. I took Stephie's advice & followed her instructions and now my new test results came back normal.”

- Duncan,
Basic Consultation

“Stephie is amazing, she gave me so much information and help regarding my son's vegan diet and how I can make sure he is getting everything he needs. She is super helpful and has so much experience and knowledge on nutrition. All my questions were answered and she gave a ton of extra information I wasn't even aware of. Plus, she is so friendly and helpful and it really was so lovely to have a session with her. Would recommend her to anyone"

- Veera,
Basic Consultation

“I highly recommend Stephie for her advice & help because after a consultation with her I solved a longtime problem with IBS. She put me on a gluten free and low FODMAP diet and after a month my intestinal & digestion issues disappeared. Since my health improved so much I intend keeping it up & continuing to follow her nutrition plan. Thank you Stephie I’m ever so grateful for meeting you & for your amazing knowledge on the matter.”

- Mary, 

Plant Based Diets for Children

"I had been contemplating a detox cleanse for some time, and although I consider myself quite knowledgeable about healthy eating and detox, I had little motivation to do it alone. I called Stephie mainly as a support but I received way more than I imagined. She helped me understand my eating habits, what was good and what wasn't, and how it affects my energy levels and wellbeing. The volume of resources she provided, and care and support during the three week programme, exceeded what I could have done alone by far!! Apart from the fact that her system was gentle on my body, I was never hungry and in those 21 days I acquired a whole new set of eating habits. I now reach for a green smoothie every morning instead of coffee, I'm aware of my hydration and I tend towards salad greens over bread or pasta. It was easy to change my habits because of how good the raw, fresh food made me feel. My fridge is now brimming with different fruit and veg so I have a lot to choose from to get creative. And a snack is fruit or dates with 99% chocolate instead of nachos or whatever. I didn't want to lose weight but I did shed any extra so I'm looking really slim and fit, that's a bonus! The best part is loving to prepare healthy meals with more consciousness, how those meals make my body feel, and how easily my body eliminates as my gut and bowels are happy and healthy. I got so much more than I bargained for. A big THANK YOU Stephie, you're a gem in your field ❤️"

- Melanie,

Cleanse & Reset Programme

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